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SWAROVSKI® Crystal Round Channel – 1 Loop


SWAROVSKI® Crystal Round Channel – 1 Loop

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SWAROVSKI® Crystal Round Channel – 1 Loop

SWAROVSKI® Crystal Round Channel – 1 Loop

Crystal (001)

Rhodium Plated

1 Ring

Roughly 6.23mm

Sold singularly

With the loop they can be used as drops or charms on your items



Daniel Swarovski had a dream; he wanted to use crystals to create “a diamond for everyone”. In 1895, having patented an electric cutting machine that was able to cut crystal more precisely than by hand, production of SWAROVSKI® crystals began at their purpose-built production site at Wattens, high up in the Austrian Alps.

SWAROVSKI® crystals are special. Produced using only the finest raw materials, all new Swarovski crystals are produced to an Advanced Crystal standard, which uses a lead free* formula and precision cutting, grinding and polishing processes. The recipe is a secret.

Swarovski has a rich and diverse history but, five generations later, remains a family-run business and retains the integrity instilled by its founder who had a mission to put a little sparkle into everyday life.

* Crystal glass and all other materials containing 0.009% lead or less.

Crystals and Elements

  • Swarovski Crystals are man-made crystals made by Swarovski using the highest quality raw materials and cutting, grinding and polishing techniques.
  • Swarovski Elements are branded crystals sold to third parties to create pieces that include Swarovski crystals.

Genuine or Fake?

There are a lot of imitation Swarovski crystals for sale on the Internet and at shows and fairs. So how can you tell whether what you are buying is genuine or fake?

Genuine Swarovski products carry the Swarovski Swan logo. The Swan has been the official Swarovski logo since 1989. The first Swarovski logo was an Edelweiss flower, reflecting the company’s Austrian origins. Packets of the newest crystals come sealed with a silver toned ‘Crystals from Swarovski’ seal. All genuine Swarovski products can be traced: see

At a glance: Genuine Swarovski crystals are precision cut so facets aline exactly. The crystal itself has no swirls, bubbles or scratches; a genuine and fake crystal looked at side-by-side will look different – the genuine crystal will out-sparkle the fake crystal.


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